Wonder Woman Cosplay: How To, Ideas & Where to Buy

I think we’ve all heard of Wonder Woman – she’s perhaps one of the most iconic female superheroes! The character was originally created for DC Comics in 1941 and has since been portrayed in a range of comics, TV shows, and movies.

It’s crucial to capture the power, strength, and elegance of the character when cosplaying Wonder Woman. We’ll take you through everything you need to create your Wonder Woman cosplay.

How to Make Your Costume

There are lots of different versions of Wonder Woman, but we’ll stick to the most well-known, original Wonder Woman costume. Let’s get stuck in!


Red Top

Let’s start with the most obvious part of the outfit - the red top! The top is strapless, tight, and has gold detailing. The detailing is around the bust and in some cases, down the top. The shape iof the gold is typically a W although in some cases people add a golden eagle or other additional details.

You could buy the Wonder Woman top ready made as part of a costume. Alternatively, you could buy a red strapless top and add the detailing yourself. You could sew on gold fabric, attach cardboard or craft foam spray painted gold, or even use gold duct tape!

  • Choose a red strapless top that is fitted or purchase a ready made Wonder Woman top.
  • Add gold detailing with craft supplies if needed.


 Blue Shorts or Skirt

The blue bottoms are another staple of the outfit. You can choose bright blue shorts or a skirt. Whichever you choose, it should be short and high-waisted to match the character.

If you want to go with the classic comic look, you can add white stars to the bottoms. You can do this by gluing on white paper or card, drawing them on with a fabric pen or paint, or sewing on white fabric. If you buy a ready-made costume, they may already be added for you.

  • Choose either shorts or a skirt in bright blue fabric.
  • Add white stars if you like the original comic look.


Red Boots

Wonder Woman wears knee-high red boots. The boots have a white stripe up the center, connecting with white around the top of the boot.

Find some knee-high red boots and add the white stripe using paint, a strip of fabric, or white duct tape. You’ll ideally want the boots to have a low heel. If you can’t find red boots, you could always spray paint any boots red and white. Some people choose to add a gold stripe and detailing rather than white.

Alternatively, you could wear red knee high socks with some high-heels you already own. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

  • Source or create some knee-high red boots.
  • Add a white or gold stripe and detailing.


Sword or Lasso

Of course, it wouldn’t be Wonder Woman without a weapon to fight with. You could choose a sword, a lasso, or both! For the sword, you can simply buy a plastic toy sword with a silver ‘blade’ and brown or blue handle.

Wonder Woman’s lasso is magical, with many powerful properties. If you choose to add the lasso, it should be golden. You can hold it or attach it to your belt (which we’ll talk about later).

  • Choose a toy sword or a golden lasso as your weapon.
  • Hold your weapon or you can attach your lasso to your belt.



The shield is optional - Wonder Woman doesn’t always carry it but it can make an excellent addition to a cosplay. You can either choose to have a red and blue shield with a golden W in the middle to match the rest of the costume. Or, you can go for a ‘metal-looking’ shield in gold or silver.

You can purchase a toy shield and add decoration with paints if needed. Or you could make a shield out of cardboard or other craft items.

  • Decide whether you want to include a shield.
  • Purchase a toy shield or make one yourself from craft supplies.



Like the shield, the cape is optional. Not all of the Wonder Woman versions wear a cape, and when she does wear one it tends to be for special occasions. However, you might want to include it to add some flare to your cosplay.

If you do want to add the cape, you can purchase a plain red cape from any costume store. You could add the gold W to the back of the cape if you want to go all out.

  • Consider adding a cape for extra flare.
  • Choose a red cape and add a golden W for extra detail.


Style Your Hair

Wonder Woman’s hair is typically very dark brown or black. It falls down past her shoulders in most depictions, and is often wavy or curly. It usually has a lot of volume.

You can style your own hair if it’s dark (the length doesn’t really matter as much as the color). If you have lighter hair, you could add some temporary dye or choose a wig if you prefer.

  • Style your own hair if it’s dark - go for volume.
  • Choose a wig or temporary dye if your hair is light.


Fine Details

When it comes to cosplay, it’s really the details that make you stand out from the crowd. There are many fine details you can include to pull your Wonder Woman cosplay together.

You’ll want to include a wide gold belt. You can buy a gold belt or spray paint any belt gold. You can also add the gold W to the middle of the belt at the front if you like.

Next, you’ll need Wonder Woman’s iconic headband. The headband is gold to match the belt and the detailing on the top. It usually has a star in the middle which can be red. You can buy a headband ready made for the costume, or make one from fabric or cardboard.

Of course, we can’t forget her golden arm bands. In the story they are made from metal and are sometimes called the ‘Bracelets of Submission’ or ‘Bracelets of Victory”. In some depictions they have the golden W on them or other small details. You can mimic them by finding some shiny fabric gold arm bands and adding any detailing you desire. Alternatively, you could make them from cardboard or sew them from fabric.

  • Add a wide gold belt and a gold headband.
  • Source or make golden arm bands to complete the look.

Top 10 Wonder Woman Cosplays


Panterona Cosplay

An artist and cosplayer from Trinidad and Tobago, Panterona Cosplay produces majestic and captivating cosplays of female characters. She pays attention to such fine details and makes a lot of her costumes herself, which really makes her cosplays shine.

In her album of Wonder Woman cosplay pictures, you can see the beautiful details on her costume combined with incredible photography work. She captures the essence of the character completely!


Alyson Tabbitha

We couldn’t talk about top Wonder Woman cosplays without mentioning the legendary Alyson Tabbitha. This amazing lady has been cosplaying for years and is a true artist when it comes to curating and making her costumes.

She’s cosplayed Wonder Woman many times but we had to choose this particular photoshoot where she and her photographer capture her kicking out, as though part way through combat. She even made the armor and accessories herself - impressive!


Ambra Pazzani

Ambra Pazzani is an Italian cosplayer and model with a real skill for cosplaying strong female characters. Her Wonder Woman cosplay has some fantastic details, including the iconic W gold belt and gold headband.

You can see that she has put her own interpretation on the shoes of this costume. She’s opted for a heeled sandal paired with some beautiful red and gold leg armor.


Katie Cosplays

Katie Cosplays is a talented cosplayer originally from Alabama. A self-proclaimed ‘nerd’, she loves cosplaying a range of characters, and is fantastic at it!

Unlike many of our other choices featuring the original Wonder Woman costume, Katie has chosen to cosplay Injustice Wonder Woman. She pulls it off perfectly with the blue leggings, gold and red top, and the boots we all know and love. She stands proudly with hands on hips, ready to face any foe with her lasso.


Kamui Cosplay

Kamui cosplay makes and models her cosplays with passion and a true love for the cosplaying world. This cosplay page is actually run by a team of two - Svetlana and Benni. They turned their hobby into a full-time business in 2011, and the rest is history!

This incredible version of the Wonder Woman costume features lots of gold armor which makes for an incredibly impressive photograph. They chose to do this photoshoot at the Vasquez Rocks in California, famous for a scene in Star Trek. The background really adds to the whole energy of the scene.


Methyl Ethyl Cosplay

Morgan, of Methyl Ethyl Cosplay, is very skilled when it comes to making her own costumes and outfits. Her Wonder Woman cosplay is made with skill and truly incredible attention to detail.

Her pose in the picture really shows off the character’s strength and beauty. She stands with her sword raised and the other hand on her hip, ready for action!


Miracole Burns

With years of experience in photography, costume making, and cosplay, Miracole Burns had to be in our top 10 list. Her costumes are impressively accurate, but it’s the posing and background that really set her Wonder Woman cosplays apart.

You can see in this picture she stands tall and proud, portraying the character’s strength perfectly. The background really adds to the whole vibe.


Sylvia Slays

Sylvia Slays is a costume and prop maker as well as a cosplayer - a woman of many talents! She primarily focuses her work on powerful female characters.

Slyvia has chosen to reimagine the Wonder Woman costume with her own vision. She wears an all gold costume, still keeping the same shapes and styles of the original version.


Jessica LG

Jessica L. Gonzalez is an artist and cosplayer who is incredibly skilled at finding just the right costume and pose for her characters.

Jessica cosplays WWII Wonder Woman and she does it beautifully! Every detail is curated and well thought out, from the hat to the dog tags around her neck. Her poses show so much personality and really bring the character to life.



The Crystal Wolf is a cosplayer and ‘transformation artist’ with a flair for creativity. She also shares cosplay patterns and tutorials to help others.

In some of the older comics, Wonder Woman’s hair was shown as blue. The Crystal Wolf shows this in her cosplay with a stunning blue wig and it truly stands out from the crowd! She’s also chosen some impressively high-heeled red boots to pair with her outfit, which add to her striking look.

Top Places to Buy Wonder Woman Costumes



Amazon has a wide choice of ready made Wonder Woman costumes including this officially licensed DC Comics version. It includes red garters rather than boots; a blue skirt with white stars, the iconic belt, red cape, headpiece, and bracelet. You would need to add your own weapon, shoes, and a wig if needed.

Amazon is also a great place to look for accessories and items to complete your costume, especially if you’re making it yourself. For example, this arm cuff and headband set is ideal. This toy sword is affordable and looks the part, while this golden lasso is absolutely perfect for any Wonder Woman outfit.

If you are looking to invest in boots that really fit the character, these superhero inspired boots would look wonderful with a Wonder Woman cosplay.



Surprisingly, Walmart has a large range of Wonder Woman costumes. They have several choices of ‘complete’ costumes like this one. Although the details aren’t exact, it’s very affordable and a great base to start from. It includes the corset style top, blue shorts, gold belt detail, arm cuffs, cape and headpiece,

If you’re looking for accessories to add to your own costume, Walmart is the place to be. They have everything including the golden lasso, the cape, a shield made to look like metal, and a Wonder Woman wig!

If you really want to go all out and invest more money, they even have the exact Wonder Woman boots and amazing rhinestone Wonder Woman arm cuffs. Impressively, they have a lot of smaller items that allow you to add your own detail to the costume, such as this Wonder Woman necklace featuring the gold W.



Target carries some great options for Wonder Woman cosplay. This officially licensed DC Comics costume includes the corset style top, blue skirt, Wonder Woman tiara, gauntlets, boot tops, and satin cape.

They also have a range of accessories to complete your look, like this impressive-looking shield and a replica of the Wonder Woman sword.

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