Cammy Cosplay: How To, Ideas & Where to Buy

Cammy White is one of the most popular characters to cosplay from the game Street Fighter. With a sweet personality but powerful fighting ability, Cammy is a force to be reckoned with.

This guide will take you through everything you need to know to cosplay Cammy. There are a few different versions of the Cammy costume, but we will focus on the most commonly cosplayed outfit for our guide.

How to Make Your Cammy Costume 



The main piece of Cammy’s costume is the green leotard. It’s quite a bright green, with no sleeves and a high neck. It’s tight fitting and should be made from a fairly stretchy material so you’re ready for battle. You need to be able to do all those Cammy moves for your poses!

You can purchase the leotard as part of a ready-made Cammy costume, or you can simply buy a plain green leotard.

  • Find a green leotard or buy one as part of a Cammy costume.
  • Ensure it has a high neckline and fits close to your body.



Another vital part of the costume is the red beret she wears on top of her head. It’s made of wool but this isn’t as important as the bright red color - any red beret will do. You can buy one as part of a Cammy costume, or find one online.

In many depictions of the character, the red beret also has a Delta red logo on it. This is an upside-down triangle in gold with an eagle in the middle. In the center of the eagle, there is a shield made up of white and red squares. This is an excellent detail to add if you want to go all-out for your cosplay. You could buy a beret with the logo already on it, buy a pin of the logo to add, or have a go at making your own.

  • Source a red beret to match Cammy’s.
  • Consider adding the logo on one side of it.



Of course, it wouldn’t be Cammy without the iconic blonde hair. Cammy’s hair goes down past her waist and is styled into two pigtails. They’re tightly secured and often fly around when she’s in combat.

If you have blonde hair you can mimic Cammy’s by styling your hair, and perhaps adding extensions for extra length. If you don’t have blonde hair, try a long blonde wig! Or, if you really want to commit to the character, you could choose to dye your hair.

  • If you have blonde hair, add extensions and style it to match Cammy’s.
  • If you don’t have blonde hair, source a long blonde wig and style it into pigtails.


Combat Boots

Cammy wears black military-style combat boots with a low heel so she’s ready to fight. Ideally, you should source some black combat boots that go up just past your ankles. However, any black boots you own will do as these are one of the less distinctive parts of the costume.

  • Source black combat boots with flat heels.
  • Alternatively, use any black boots you own to add to the look.



You can’t go into battle without your gauntlets! The character wears bright red gauntlets that go up her forearm. They are fingerless and allow plenty of movement, while also protecting her arms during battle.

You can buy ready-made Cammy gauntlets, or you may be able to find similar toy gauntlets and paint them red. If you’re feeling very crafty, you can try to make them yourself. There are videos and blogs online that describe how to make them at home.

  • Cammy wears bright red gauntlets to protect her arms.
  • Source ready-made Cammy gauntlets or get crafty and make some.


 Fine Details

The fine details are what pull a cosplay together and there are plenty that you can add to your Cammy costume. The character has green combat marks on her legs, which you can copy using green body paint.

In many depictions, she wears a black holster on her leg carrying her weapon. In some, she also wears a black body harness to add to that military look. It’s easy to get your hands on a black body harness, and you can often get the leg holster as part of a Cammy costume.

Her makeup is usually quite natural, although you could use this opportunity to add some unique style to the look. She usually has a Delta symbol painted on her left cheek, which you can mimic using makeup.

  • Consider adding Cammy’s green marks to your legs using body paint.
  • Think about adding other details, such as the military harness, holster, weapon, and makeup.

Top 10 Cammy Cosplays

Now that we’ve shared the basics of putting together your Cammy cosplay, let’s share some inspiration to get you started.



Xxautumnivyxx absolutely had to be top of our list. This talented lady is a cosplayer and voice actor, among many other talents. She’s had years of experience playing a range of powerful characters, and her experience shows!

Her cosplay of Cammy is very well done right down to the powerful pose where she looks back over her shoulder at the camera. She’s chosen a thong leotard and pulled it off with beauty and grace. Instead of using green body paint on her legs, she’s chosen to let her own tattoos be the center of attention and it works perfectly.



A talented cosplayer and streamer, genevievemariecosplay is an artist when it comes to capturing female characters. She pays attention to the finest details of the characters she cosplays, while not being afraid to add a bit of her own personality.

Right down to the pose and photography, this Cammy cosplay is beautifully done. She’s chosen to include the holster on her leg, which adds to the vibe of the picture.



Carolina Angulo is a digital creator who has a loyal following. She focuses on attention to detail with her cosplays. She sometimes works with other costume designers to capture the characters in all their glory.

This Cammy cosplay is outstanding - from the logo on her beret to the detail on her leotard, it’s all clearly been well thought out. The pose accurately represents the character’s sassy attitude.



Clau Bailarinita is a woman of many talents. She’s both a cosplayer and she makes cosplay costumes. That’s not all - she’s also a dancer, lawyer, and propmaker! How impressive!

Her version of the Cammy cosplay is true to the character but she isn’t afraid to think outside the box. Instead of the green camouflage-style body paint on the legs, she’s opted to wear camo leggings under her leotard. This makes her costume more wearable for events, while also making it stand out.



Although alexxxprincesss isn’t a professional cosplayer, we had to include her because her cosplay of Cammy is so on point. She’s an agency owner and model, and even lifts heavy weights!

She isn’t afraid to put her own spin on the Cammy character. Rather than gauntlets, she’s added some red gloves with metal studs, which fit right in with the vibe of the character. Her interpretation of the body harness adds a unique flare to the costume.



A cosplayer and pin-up model from Melbourne, Kayla Jean has built a large following on social media with good reason. Both her costumes and poses stay true to the characters she cosplays

Her Cammy costume is fantastic with consideration given to every detail. She’s even got the well-known logo on the chest of the leotard. Her cheeky pose holding her pigtails shows the character’s cheeky yet strong personality.



When it comes to capturing the essence of the character, shellechii has got it nailed. This beautiful person is a model, cosplayer, and fashion lover who gets their poses just right.

In their Cammy cosplay, they’ve included all the details, including the green body paint on the legs, the military harness, and the logo on the beret. But what really pulls the whole look together is the green face mask to match the leotard - we love someone who is COVID-conscious!



Coming from the Netherlands, cosplaypulse is a model and cosplayer who prides herself on true-to-character cosplays. The way she styles her costumes and poses them with backgrounds that match the theme takes them to another level.

Her Cammy outfit features a latex leotard, large red gauntlets, a distinctive beret, and excellent attention to the little details. Even her makeup is in keeping with the theme! The background of the picture makes this cosplay stand out, matching the energy of the game completely.



Sadie Stormborn is a skilled cosplayer, gym goer, and gamer. The way she portrays her female characters displays her skill and passion for the craft.

In her Cammy White cosplay, she shows off her talent for poses that explore the character’s personality. Her outfit captures all the details of Cammy and she even adds some of her own, with fishnet tights and red boots. The background of her picture is in keeping with the vibe of the game..


Carolina Angulo

A well-known cosplayer with a large social media following, Carolina had to be on our list! She is a talented dancer, cosplayer, and streamer with a very loyal fanbase.

She portrays Cammy with her own flair. She stands out because instead of choosing to wear a blonde wig, she’s styled her own dark hair into pigtails.

Top Places to Buy Cammy Costumes



When it comes to affordable ready-made cosplay costumes, Cossky is top of the list! Their Cammy White costume includes the bodysuit with the logo on it, the beret, leg strap, body harness, gauntlets, and gloves to go with the gauntlets. It even comes in a choice of five sizes!



If you want a high-quality, ready-made costume and you have the budget for it, Etsy is the perfect choice. This Cammy costume is made to measure and comes with everything you need except the wig and boots. It even has the gauntlets and body harness!

This option is a bit more affordable but doesn’t come with as many accessories. It includes the bodysuit, leg strap, wig, beret, and body harness. You will need to source your own boots, gauntlets, and other accessories like body paint and a weapon. Thankfully, there are plenty of handmade accessories on Etsy too - look at these handmade Cammy gauntlets!



Amazon is the place to be if you want to put your own Cammy costume together. They have plenty of options for the green leotard, including this affordable one. They also have lots of affordable red berets  - check out this military wool beret!

When it comes to wigs, Amazon’s choice is plentiful. This long blonde wig with bangs is ideal for styling into Cammy’s signature pigtails. You won’t be short of options for combat boots either. These black platform wedges would be an excellent addition to any Cammy cosplay.

If you’re on the hunt for a body harness like Cammy’s, this one is adjustable and even has a choice of two waist sizes.



If you’re happy with a more revealing adaption to the Cammy bodysuit, Walmart has a ready-made Cammy costume that might work for you. It includes a green bikini-style Cammy outfit, with a red beret, belted garter, chest harness, and padded red gloves that mimic the gauntlets.



eBay is well loved with good reason - it’s affordable and has a wide range of products to suit everyone’s needs. They certainly have plenty of choices when it comes to Cammy cosplay. This option is available in 5 sizes and comes with pretty much everything you need except the wig, boots, and body paint.

You won’t need to look far though, as they also have Cammy accessories including this wig which matches the character’s hair perfectly! It’s already styled into the pigtails and has the bangs to match Cammy’s.

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Cammy Cosplay: How To, Ideas & Where to Buy

Cammy White is one of the most popular characters to cosplay from the game Street Fighter. With a sweet personality but powerful fighting ability, Cammy is a force to be reckoned with.

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Cammy Cosplay: How To, Ideas & Where to Buy

Cammy White is one of the most popular characters to cosplay from the game Street Fighter. With a sweet personality but powerful fighting ability, Cammy is a force to be reckoned with.

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Cammy Cosplay: How To, Ideas & Where to Buy

Cammy White is one of the most popular characters to cosplay from the game Street Fighter. With a sweet personality but powerful fighting ability, Cammy is a force to be reckoned with.

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Cammy Cosplay: How To, Ideas & Where to Buy

Cammy White is one of the most popular characters to cosplay from the game Street Fighter. With a sweet personality but powerful fighting ability, Cammy is a force to be reckoned with.

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