Jinx Cosplay: How To, Ideas & Where to Buy

Jinx is a main character from the League of Legends game and the well-known series on Netflix. She’s portrayed as a manic and impulsive criminal, although her back story is far more complicated than that. She actually has many layers!

Jinx is a fantastic choice for cosplay because her look is so striking and there’s so much creative flare you can add. We’ll guide you through everything you need to know to put together an amazing Jinx cosplay.

How to Make Your Costume


Crop Top

The first thing you’ll need is the Jinx crop top. There are two ways you can do this - you can go for the black leather-looking crop top with a fabric cross. The cross is threaded through four metal eyelets. Alternatively, some people choose the black and pink leather halter top look.

Both looks are impressive and give off that badass Jinx vibe. Some people even choose an interpretation of their own - the most important thing is that the top is cropped.

You can buy the crop top as part of a ready-made Jinx costume, or you can buy a plain tank top and customize it yourself if you’re handy with crafts.

  • Choose either a black leather crop top with a cross on it, or a pink and black halter type top.
  • Buy one ready-made or use a plain crop top and add details yourself.



The classic Jinx trousers are striped purple or pink which are somewhat distressed -  you have to look like you’ve been in battle, of course. They end either just below or just above the knee. If you choose to do the pink and black halter top, you may want the bottoms to be striped shorts and add fishnets to the lower leg to complete the look.

You can buy the striped bottoms ready-made. Or you can simply use fabric paint or duct tape on jeans or leggings.

  • Choose either purple or pink striped bottoms.
  • Buy them ready-made or choose trousers you already have and decorate them with craft supplies to add the colors.


Leather Accessories

Now that you’ve got the basics of the outfit, you need to add the main accessories. The most important ones are the belt and long gloves.

The belt is black and looks like leather. It’s a tactical belt, and in some depictions has armor-like bullets attached to it. In some versions of Jinx, the belt has multiple parts that cross over one another. This is a great opportunity to add your own interpretation and make a creative Jinx-inspired belt. Alternatively, you can buy one ready-made for a Jinx cosplay.

Next are the gloves - they’re long and extend up past her elbow. They’re also fingerless in most depictions, although in some one glove has fingers and the other doesn’t. Depending on which version of Jinx you choose, the gloves may be black and leather-looking, black and pink, or striped purple with some black leather parts. This is another great opportunity to get creative and add your own twist to the gloves.

  • Add a leather tactical belt around the waist.
  • Source or make long fingerless gloves in your chosen Jinx colors.



Jinx always wears combat boots with a sort of punk aesthetic. They are ankle boots and typically go up her calf a little way. They fold over at the top and look well-worn. Her boots have pink or purple laces.

You can buy Jinx boots, although this can be pricey as they don’t tend to come with ready-made Jinx costumes. Instead, you can buy cheap combat boots or use black combat boots you already own and add colored laces and any other details you like.

  • Find black combat boots that are roughly ankle height.
  • Add in colored laces and other details.



Of course, we couldn’t cosplay Jinx without her absolutely iconic hair. The character has bright blue hair that goes down to her lower legs! It’s always styled in two braids with a loose bit of shorter hair at the front which sweeps over and frames her face.

To pull off the Jinx look, you’ll need a bright blue wig. You can buy ones that are already styled, or buy one and style it yourself to match Jinx’s hair. Make sure the wig is well attached so you can flip those blue braids around and get some amazing photos!

  • Find a blue wig in as long a length as possible.
  • Style it into long braids with some face-framing shorter hairs left out.



You can’t be Jinx without one of her weapons. She has a few choices, most of which she invented herself! You can pick from her ‘fishbone’ rocket launcher, machine gun, pistol, or a chomper bomb! Or, you can do two or more if you truly want to go all out.

There are lots of places where you can buy one of Jinx’s ready-made weapons, or if you’re skilled with crafts you can try to make one yourself!

  • Choose one or more of Jinx’s weapons.
  • Source one or try your hand at making one yourself!


 Fine Details

There are lots of little details you can add to enhance your Jinx cosplay. It’s up to you how many you want to include.

The choker is possibly the most important detail - Jinx almost always wears it. It’s black leather and usually has a few layers.

The character also has blue, artistic, cloud-like tattoos on one of her arms and around her stomach area. You can add these with temporary tattoos, draw them on with body paint, or use eyeliner or eyeshadow. This detail is iconic and will complete the costume nicely.

You can also use makeup to mimic the freckles Jinx has across her face. If you want to go all out, you could wear light pink contacts to match Jinx’s eyes after the shimmer, or you could stick to her original blue.

In some versions of Jinx, she has a crossed bandaid on one of her knees. This is an easy detail to add with a regular bandaid, or you could draw it on with body paint.

  • Consider which details you want to add.
  • You can include a choker, tattoos, makeup, colored contacts, or a bandaid.

Top 10 Jinx Cosplays



Hauntedhostess is a queer cosplayer with a strong following and a skill for cosplaying a range of characters. It’s not just her outfits that are impressive - the whole production of her photos and videos takes her cosplays to the next level.

She manages to cosplay Jinx with a real ethereal vibe to her look, while still capturing her mischief and strength. The cloud tattoos and blue eyebrows in particular show how much attention she pays to the details of the character.



Galgati Cosplay is a very talented cosplayer and model with a flare for the creative. She regularly cosplays as Jinx in various outfits, poses, and scenes.

Her Jinx cosplay is beautifully done, with plenty of fine details added that make the whole look stunning. Right down to the makeup and the cloud-inspired tattoos, she’s got this look nailed!



A digital creator, makeup artist, and avid cosplayer, Priscilla Junk produces some fantastic cosplays. What makes her stand out from the crowd is that she’s not afraid to put her own spin on the characters she cosplays.

This Jinx cosplay is absolutely incredible - she captures the character completely. From the pose and expression on her face down to the small details of her costume, she’s an expert at portraying this quirky character.



Laychags is a model, cosplayer, and digital creator. She portrays characters of all genders with precision, attention to detail, and a sexy flare.

She’s gone for the pink and black halter top version of Jinx for her cosplay, and she pulls it off perfectly. She’s even added a bullet necklace as well as the choker, which pulls everything together.



Hailing from the Philippines, hippo_chii131 is a woman of many talents. She’s a cosplayer, wig stylist, and even a figure skater! What can’t she do?!

She puts her own twist on the Jinx outfit, focusing on more of an all-black look. Rather than combat boots, she wears ankle boots with a higher heel than the character. Her twist is in keeping with the character’s vibe yet also shows her own personality.


Stellalasaurus Cosplays

Stella from Stellalasaurus Cosplays has been cosplaying since 2008 and her experience shows. Her costumes and poses are well thought out, and she isn’t afraid of sharing her interpretations of her favorite characters.

With the smokey background, dark vibes, and an incredible replica of the Jinx outfit, her Jinx cosplay definitely stands out from the crowd. She’s even got the length of the wig down to her lower legs just like the character, with perfectly styled bangs.


Ashe's Cosplay

When it comes to loving what you do, Ashe's Cosplay had to be on our list. You can see her love and passion for cosplay in every outfit she makes and models.

Her Jinx costume is phenomenal, capturing the character’s likeness exactly. You can see the detail she has put into the boots, the belt, the weapon, and the tattoos which make her cosplay stand out.


Karina Cosplayer

Karina is an enthusiastic cosplayer from Hong Kong. She’s not only beautiful and skilled at defining the details of a character - she’s also able to put a sexy spin on many of her female characters.

Her attention to detail in her Jinx cosplay is astounding - from the ankle-length hair to the steel-toed boots, and even nails that match the whole outfit.



Phoebe of faebee_ cosplay is a UK-based cosplayer. She’s wonderful at capturing the energy of a character both with her poses and her outfits.

Her cosplay of Jinx is simple yet highly effective. She really captures that cartoon-like look, managing to look both cute and powerful.


Wolf Dreamer Cosplay

A 24-year-old cosplayer from Massachusett, Wolf Dreamer Cosplay has a true passion for what she does. She takes a more cute and casual approach to her Jinx cosplay but still manages to capture the essence of the character.

Top Places to Buy Jinx Costumes



If you’re looking to buy ready-made Jinx costumes, Cossky has plenty of choices. This purple striped Jinx costume comes with the bottoms and crop top, the belt, gloves, gun holder, and even the choker.

If you prefer the pink and black halter top look, they also have this option. It includes the halter top and shorts, the belt and bullet holders, the gloves, and the necklace. Of course, you’ll need to add your own wig, weapon, boots, and other details to both of these choices.

Cossky also has got you covered when it comes to the wig and the boots. They’re exact replicas of the characters, so all the hard work is done for you!



Whether you’re looking for a full outfit or some interesting extras, Amazon has plenty of Jinx cosplay supplies. This incredible complete outfit comes with the top, bottoms, belt, gloves, choker, and even the wig and tattoo stickers! Plus it comes in a range of sizes up to 3XL. You would only need to add the boots and a weapon if you wanted one.

If you’re looking to buy the wig separately, this is a great option. If you want some unique pieces to make your cosplay stand out, check out this steampunk pistol, these steampunk goggles, or this bullet belt!



If you want an affordable Jinx costume, this Walmart option could be for you. It includes the striped bottoms, the crop top, the choker, the iconic gloves, and some accessories. You’d need to add your own boots and wig of course.



If you really want to go all out and invest in a replica of a Jinx weapon, Etsy is your best bet. Individual sellers have crafted impressive replicas like this Fishbones Rocket Launcher, this Jinx zap gun, or this Jinx grenade. These can be pricey, but there are also lots of digital ‘patterns’ available to buy on Etsy so you can have a go at making them yourself if you prefer.

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