D.Va Cosplay: How To, Ideas & Where to Buy

D.Va is a confident and powerful hero from the game Overwatch. She’s agile and sure of her abilities on the battlefield. If you’re looking for a character that’s fairly easy to cosplay but still looks incredibly impressive, D.Va is a perfect choice.

This guide will take you through everything you need to know to cosplay D.Va, including how to put together her costume and where you can buy it.

How to Make Your Costume



The main part of D.Va’s outfit is her bodysuit. She wears a skin-tight blue and pink bodysuit, with white legs and gloves. The suit has several details, such as her little rabbit logo in the center of the chest along with other accents. Since her bodysuit makes up most of her outfit, this makes the character simple to cosplay while looking as though you’ve put a lot of effort in.

If you’re skilled with crafts, you can try to make the suit yourself by sewing fabric together or buying a plain bodysuit and using fabric paint to decorate it. You may be able to find some patterns online. However, it’s much easier to purchase a ready-made D.Va suit with all the details included.

  • Buy or make a skintight bodysuit in blue, pink, and white like D.Va’s.
  • Ensure it includes all the small details like her rabbit logo.



D.Va has a background in gaming so you can’t cosplay her character without including the all-important headset. Her headset is pink and black and has quite large ear pads so it stands out.

You could buy a replica D.Va headset, or you could buy a cheap pair of large headphones and decorate them yourself. Get creative using paint and other craft supplies to make it look as close to the character’s headset as possible.

  • The pink and black headset is a key part of D.Va’s outfit.
  • Buy a replica or get crafty and create one.



D.Va wears white boots with a low heel so she’s ready for battle. Her boots have pink and black detailing to match her bodysuit.

Source a ready-made pair of D.Va boots, or purchase some plain white boots to customize. You can add the shapes and colors using paint or by sticking on colored card.

  • Source replica D.Va boots or craft them yourself.
  • If you want to make them, choose white boots and add the details.



The character has dark brown hair that goes down just past her shoulders. It’s straight but has plenty of volume and movement. She also has a cute brown fringe.

If you have brown hair, you could style your own hair to match hers. The length doesn’t matter as much as the color and the bangs. If you don’t have bangs, you can buy cheap clip-on bangs!

If you don’t have brown hair, you can buy a wig to replicate D.Va’s hair or choose to dye your own! Synthetic wigs that match D.Va’s style are very affordable and you can cut and style them as needed. Just make sure you attach it securely so you’re ready to show off all those fighting moves.

  • If you have brown hair, style it to match the character’s.
  • Alternatively, buy a brown wig and style it like D.Va.



We can’t forget D.Va’s weapon - her light gun! She carries a pink and black handgun with a bunny charm hanging from it.

There are lots of ready-made toy light guns that match D.Va’s. However, you could also buy any toy gun and paint it black and pink. This might be a more affordable option depending on where you purchase your cosplay supplies. If you’re very good with crafts, you could have a go at making the gun from scratch!

  • D.Va carries a pink and black handgun.
  • Buy a D.Va light gun or find a cheap toy gun and paint it pink and black.


Fine Details

As with any cosplay, the details are what really show you’ve gone above and beyond. One of the best details you can add is the pink makeup on her face. Use face paint, pink eyeshadow, or pink eyeliner to add her distinctive triangles. To complete the makeup, you can go for a light pink lipstick, along with plenty of mascara or some nice fluttery fake eyelashes.

If your chosen bodysuit didn’t come with the white gloves attached, now is the time to add them. This is also your chance to customize your look. Get creative and add details that match the character’s vibe.

  • Add D.Va’s unique pink face makeup.
  • Consider adding your own details to make your cosplay stand out.

Top 10 DVA Cosplays

To give you some inspiration, let’s look at 10 amazing cosplays of D.Va!



Nymphahri is an experienced cosplayer with a large social media following - and it’s no wonder! She’s superb at what she does.

Her cosplay of D.Va is absolutely stunning - from the details of the costume and the weapon to the pose, she IS D.Va. The background captures the vibe of the character and the game so well. It even includes a neon bunny logo to match the one on her bodysuit. She’s posed like a figurine, which is an amazing touch by the photographer.


Darshelle Stevens

Darshelle Stevens is a photographer, gamer, and cosplayer with a large following on social media and a passion for strong, sexy female characters.

If you’re looking for accuracy, Darshelle’s D.Va cosplay is where it’s at. Her bodysuit has every detail copied perfectly, even down to the pink lines on the arms and body of the suit. Her pose adds to the whole energy of the picture.


Victory Cosplay

We had to include the fabulous Victory Cosplay. This amazing woman’s name is actually Krissy Victory - she’s a model and cosplay pro.

She pulls off the D.Va look with such precision and beauty! She’s even got the bangs styled and pink makeup like the character. Her pose shows she’s ready to take on any enemy who gets in her way.



When it comes to dedication to the character, we can’t overlook Pomponmy. A committed and brilliant cosplayer, she gives her female characters the attention they deserve.

Pomponmy pulls off her cosplay of D.Va with skill and grace. Her cheeky wink to the camera matches the diva energy of the character and fits in with the whole photo beautifully.


Soalianna Cosplay

Coming in at number five, we’ve got Soalianna Cosplay. Soalianna is a French cosplayer who started her journey in 2011, so she has plenty of experience! She’s very professional with what she does, but also unafraid to have a bit of fun and show her personality.

When it comes to her D.Va cosplay, her pose and the background are well thought out. She looks primed for battle and full of energy!


Misalina Cosplay

From Santiago, Chile we have Misalina Cosplay. She has a true skill for putting her own play on characters while still keeping them authentic to the original source.

Her take on the D.Va cosplay makes her stand out from the crowd. She’s gone for a D.Va swimsuit and poses her character in a pool! The swimsuit matches the original bodysuit amazingly well, even including D.Va’s bunny logo across the chest. She wears the headset, pink makeup, and styled bangs to match the character.



A cosplayer from Georgia, HausPlay enjoys transforming herself into different characters. She’s particularly skilled at doing her makeup to match any character she chooses.

She’s another person who has taken a more casual approach to her D.Va outfit. Instead of the bodysuit, she’s opted for a tank top and leggings in the same colors and print as the bodysuit. This really shows her creative flare. Of course, she’s included the pink makeup and brown hair in keeping with the original character.


Arabella Kat

A model, cosplayer, and gamer, Arabella kat loves what she does and cosplays across multiple platforms. After a recent break, she’s back and ready to follow her passion!

In her cosplay of D.Va, she turns to look at us over her shoulder, a pose that mimics the cockiness and confidence of the character. Her outfit is well put together and even her hair is styled to perfection.



Arjeta of Ailincia is a talented cosplayer but that isn’t her primary role! She’s actually a gaming video creator. Yet she manages to cosplay spectacularly.

Her D.Va cosplay is beautifully done, with a replica of the character’s bodysuit and headset. She’s even done the pink makeup on the cheeks perfectly. When it comes to the hair, Arjeta didn’t need a wig as she has her own beautiful, long brown hair.



Putting her sexy spin on the character, we have Voezacos. She’s a cosplay model and wig maker who isn’t afraid to interpret the characters she portrays in her own way.

Although she chose to go in a different direction than the bodysuit in her D.Va cosplay, she still includes details that help her stay true to her character. For example, the headset, the gun, and the pink face paint.

Top Places to Buy DVA Costumes



Whether you want a ready-made D.Va bodysuit or some accessories to complete your look - Amazon is the place to be. This bodysuit is an excellent replica of D.Va’s, including her iconic bunny logo on the chest. It comes with the white gloves and socks and has a wide size range up to a 3XL. Of course, you’ll need to add the rest of the details like the headset yourself.

Amazon is one of the best places for D.Va accessories. Check out this D.Va toy gun! It’s black and pink just like hers, and it even comes with a little bunny chain. Not only that, but it fires like a Nerf gun - how impressive!

If you’re not particularly skilled with makeup, you can even buy these temporary tattoos that match D.Va’s face makeup. If you need a D.Va wig, they’ve got you covered there too!



eBay has a wide range of affordable D.Va bodysuits like this one. It comes in a variety of sizes from XS to 3XL. If you prefer to put your own twist on things, they also have a range of interpretations of the bodysuit, such as this swimsuit-style D.Va cosplay.

There are also plenty of choices of accessories, such as these D.Va boots and the all-important headset.



If you need some accessories to go with your cosplay, Cossky has got these amazing D.Va shoes to match your bodysuit. They also have the headset which matches the character’s perfectly, and the wig. If you’re going for a more casual look or want to add something warm to your costume, they even have a D.Va hoodie!



If you’re on a budget, Walmart has some affordable options for D.Va bodysuits. This one comes at a low price and is a good choice. However, it doesn’t come with gloves, boots, or any other accessories. They also have some good choices of accessories, such as these face tattoos to match D.Va’s pink makeup, and this little bunny charm to match her logo.



Last but certainly not least, we have Etsy! This is always a fantastic place to look for cosplay items, especially if you have more money to invest or are looking for some unique pieces to make your cosplay stand out.

Like our other places to buy, they have a choice of bodysuits and even sets of accessories like this headset and gun. However, they also have some really interesting pieces like this D.Va ring, a D.Va face mask to help keep you safe at conventions, and a bunny logo pin.

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