2B Cosplay: How To, Ideas & Where to Buy

2B, also known as YoRHa No.2 Type B, is a powerful and beautiful female android from the renowned game NieR: Automata. Cosplaying as 2B requires a mix of gothic style and meticulous attention to the small details.

This guide will take you through the process so you can put together a cosplay that really captures 2B’s futuristic style and stoic personality.

How to Make Your Costume


Black Dress

The most iconic part of 2B’s outfit is without doubt the black dress. Her dress is a turtle-neck black dress with puff sleeves. It has a flowy skirt featuring silver accents and a cut-out across the chest filled with some interesting patterns. The skirt part of the dress is very short and has a high slight right up the thigh to allow her to perform a wide range of moves during battle.

You can mimic the dress in one of three ways. You can buy a 2B costume with the dress ready-made. Alternatively, you can buy a black turtleneck dress and then add details such as the chest cut-out, the slit, and the silver pattern. Another option is to choose a black bodysuit with a skirt added over the top instead then add the details.

Opt for a comfortable, lightweight fabric to give you plenty of movement like the character. Add a black bow or tie a black scarf around the waist of the dress to really tie everything together.

  • Choose a black turtleneck dress with a cut-out on the chest and a high slit on one thigh.
  • Add a bow and silver/white patterns to match the character.



Adding the legendary blindfold is key to the costume. For this, you could use an eye mask, buy a thin blindfold, or use a lightweight black scarf. Of course, you need to be able to see through the blindfold for practicality if you will be wearing the costume for long periods.

  • The black blindfold is a key part of 2B’s outfit.
  • Choose a thin, lightweight black blindfold.



2B wears long white gloves with black over the hands and fingers. There are some delicate stitching details where the white meets the black.

Choose a material that looks like leather for authenticity. The gloves need to be long enough to go up under the puff sleeves of the dress. If you are unable to get black and white gloves, all black or white may be suitable. You could choose white and add the black coloring yourself.

  • Add long black and white gloves that cover the forearm.
  • Choose a material that looks like leather.



It wouldn’t be a 2B costume without the striking hair! She has beautiful silvery white hair cut in a short bob that finishes below the ears. We can’t forget the long fringe which sweeps over to one side.

If you have blonde or silver hair you may be able to style it to match 2B’s, or you can choose a wig. If you are unable to find the exact wig, you can buy a white wig and cut it to match the character’s hair.

  • Choose a silvery white wig with a fringe and cut or style it as needed.
  • Style or dye your own hair for true authenticity.



We can’t forget the stunning thigh-high black boots and garter stockings which really pull the look together. Choose a pair of thigh-high, form-fitting boots with a heel of at least a couple of inches. Ideally, the boots will be leather or look like leather. Pair them with some thin, black garter stockings that lay higher on your thigh than the boots.

  • Find black, thigh-high boots that look like leather and have a considerable heel.
  • Pair them with black garter stockings.



We can’t go into battle without our sword! 2B carries a white sword with a black handle and black details. If you want to invest, you can buy a sword that matches 2B’s. Another option is to find a toy sword with suitable detailing. However, it may be easier to purchase a plain sword and add the colors and details yourself.

  • Source a long toy sword with appropriate detailing.
  • Alternatively, find a plain sword and add details yourself.


Fine Details

Committing to the cosplay means not overlooking the fine details of 2B’s appearance. If you really want to go all out, you can add colored contacts to match her blue-gray eyes behind her blindfold. When you take your blindfold off, it will be easy to see how much effort you have put into your cosplay.

The character wears a black headband with her fringe showing from underneath it. This detail can easily be added by sourcing any plain black headband. You could even use a plain black scarf tied around your head.

You could also add her beauty mark, which eagle-eyed fans will notice is underneath her lip on the left side of her face. This can easily be added with eyeliner or a brow pencil.

  • Add a black headband to the wig.
  • Add fine details like a beauty mark and colored contacts to tie everything together.

Top 10 2B Cosplays

We all need some inspiration, so let’s take a look at 10 amazing 2B cosplays to show you how it’s done.


Chihiro 千尋

Chihiro 千尋 is a true artist when it comes to cosplay. Her 2B depiction has precise, accurate details down to the patterns on the dress. She has chosen a leather outfit, including the bow on the dress which adds to the overall effect.

The background of the picture has an industrial look, fitting in with the theme of the original game perfectly.


Helly von Valentine

Another cosplayer who has definitely thought about the background of the picture is Helly von Valentine. In her 2B cosplay, she poses in front of a run-down building which suits the vibe of many scenes in the game. 

Her dress looks like velvet with feathers at the bottom of the sleeves, showing a softer side of the character while still capturing her fighting spirit. Helly is from Russia and does both cosplay and non-cosplay modeling.



We couldn’t possibly talk about 2B cosplay without mentioning jinxiecosplay. This stunning woman is a cosplayer, costume maker, and fashion designer!

Her 2B cosplay is truly beautiful and accurate right down to the finest details. Just look at the detail on the bottom of the skirt and on the gloves! Her pose shows she’s ready for anything coming her way.



When 2B is in battle, she can remove the skirt of the dress to reveal a white body suit which gives her a wider range of movement for fighting. cecinee has taken a more unique approach to her 2B cosplay by showing this aspect of the character.

She stands with her sword raised, ready to fight in this picture just like the character in the game. Cecinee is a cosplayer and photographer from Germany who has a talent for representing magical and ethereal female characters.



Natchan_cosplay produces some truly amazing cosplay content and is particularly wonderful at portraying 2B. She captures the energy of the character and shows her personality.

Her latest 2B cosplay is incredibly impressive and accurate right down to the smallest details. From the patterns on the skirt of the dress to the details on the gloves - the effort put into this cosplay shines through.



Aka_purin is a Polish cosplayer and photographer who shows real skill when it comes to capturing female characters. You can see from this stunning picture that she puts her own spin on the 2B character while ensuring to stay true to the character’s persona. 

The details on the skirt of the dress combined with her interpretation of the neckline is absolutely beautiful. She’s even got the eye color down perfectly, which illustrates the other option to wearing the blindfold that we talked about earlier.



The renowned cosplayer djharuharuka has produced many stunning 2B cosplays, some with her own twist on the character and others with a more exact 2B costume. This gorgeous example stands out. 

The whole outfit captures the essence of the 2B character completely. The pose indicates she’s ready for battle, standing strong and determined just like her character.



Kseniya_kanda_cosplay is a cosplayer from Siberia with a passion for portraying powerful female characters. She has a real talent for expressing the personality of the 2B character in her own way, with varying outfits and props.

You can see in this picture she’s gone for a more traditional 2B costume, while in this one you can see she’s put a spicier spin on the outfit.



German cosplayer yuna_cos beautifully represents our favorite character. Right down to the silver-gray eyes, she’s got the character perfectly captured.

Her 2B outfit paired with the regal pose just screams class and elegance. The look on her face matches 2B’s personality, showing her strength and quiet determination.



nato_mitsu is an artistic cosplayer from Taiwan. Her 2B costume includes many fine details and unlike many other cosplayers, she has chosen not to include the blindfold. Instead, she uses her facial expressions to show the character’s personality.

The industrial background of her photo is well thought out to fit with the theme of the game.  nato_mitsu cosplays 2B regularly, showing her in a range of other poses and scenes.

Top Places to Buy 2B Costumes



Walmart has a couple of affordable 2B costume options. This one comes with the dress, gloves, headband, blindfold, and stockings. You would need to add the wig, boots, and sword yourself.

This option is slightly more expensive but the material of the dress looks more high quality. It has finer detailing and looks like a softer, more lightweight material. It also comes in a wider range of sizes, from XS to XXXL. As with the first one you will need to source a wig, boots, and weapon.



Amazon is one of the best places to buy your 2B costume. You can also use Amazon to source extras such as boots, a wig, and a sword to go with other costumes.

This option comes with the dress with additional bow, gloves, wig, headband, blindfold, and stockings. It even goes up to a size 3XL.

This Anogol synthetic wig is a perfect addition to any 2B cosplay. These Shoe'N Tale thigh-high boots are ideal to complete your costume.

When it comes to swords, if you’re a serious cosplayer and want to invest in a realistic sword, this lkjad Katana Sword is incredibly close to 2B’s real weapon. It’s even made of high-quality stainless steel. Or if you prefer something more affordable, there are lots of cheaper options made of plastic or foam like this Mingshao one.



If you have the budget, Etsy can be a great place to get handmade cosplay costumes. This 2B costume Etsy listing from MrJStudioCrafts is an excellent choice. The dress is handmade from quality fabric with the detailing around the skirt. The costume comes with the dress including the bow for around the waist, the wig, the blindfold, headband, gloves, and stockings. You would only need to add the boots and sword.



Lots of sellers on eBay sell cheap cosplay items and outfits. There are lots of 2B options including this outfit from Gehao-Fashion. It comes with most items you need for an affordable price.


DIY Outfit

If you’re handy with crafts, your final option is to buy materials and make the outfit yourself. There are lots of blogs and videos online with ideas of how to make the dress in particular. You could buy final touches like the wig and shoes to complete your look.

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